iron, photography, installation

Les mans són el mirall
de l´ánima, 1999

Photo: 100 x 90 cm
Iron base: 40 x 90 cm
Bowls with pigments: 20 cm

With the collaboration of Toni Catany (photographer)

Like a sunless blue sky, 2006

Photo:84 x 105 cm

With the collaboration of Manolo Laguillo (photographer)

mistical installation, iron,

Miraculeuse, 2000

190 X 190 cm
Iron / salt

A miracle is anything that we are unable to explain. The artist uses this definition to form “Miraculeuse”, an installation where the same word materializes and is blended with mystical symbolism to represent the general idea of the miraculous, the divine, the supreme, something beyond our understanding which is floating above our heads. Salt, the symbol representing earth, the static state, helps to land this concept while also delimiting it by means of a square. “Salt is used to secure the volatile spirit” just as the alchemist Basil Valentine said.

Mirall de l´ánima, 1999

Photo:29 x 29 cm

With the collaboration of Toni Catany (photographer)

installation, video, iron, zen

Reve d´un instant, 2004

Video: 05:19 min · 10 copies
Sculpture: 132 x 21,5 x 12 cm
Iron / glass / ink

Image: Arun Halder
Actress: Yuri Fukuhara
Music: Antonio Olias
Montage: Sudip Chattopadhyaya

This is a story told in sequences, one that commands the spectator´s rapt attention through a poetic tension that permeates every frame of the film’s six minutes. Composed especially for the film, the music of the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese instrument, complements the magical atmosphere of the images, between a minimalist aesthetic and a clear Zen spirit, always waiting for the most inexplicable instants of a dream which has not been chosen for its enigmatic ending.

scupture, photograpy, poetry

Els ulls del pensament mai no deixen de veure´t, 2002

Photo: 116 x 80 cm
Sculpture: 25 x 10 cm
Iron / eye prosthesis

With the collaboration of Toni Catany (photographer) and Enric Cassases (poet)

“The eyes of thought never stop looking at you” is a visual representation of memory by means of photography, object sculpture and the written word in an attempt to explain the presence-absence of thought. Toni Catany uses this concept of memory to show the artist covering his eyes with his hands and living in denial of the present; over his head there is a crown with eyes in each of the four sides, a symbol representing the internal register, the memory of the day´s events. The image is accompanied by a text written by Enric Cassases which takes the concept a step further, emphasizing its strength and reminding us that everybody is part of an inevitable return to the past.

multidisciplinary artist, in spain

Homenatge a la peseta, 2002

36 x 33 x 11,5 cm
Iron / coins of different denomination

Music: 28:35 m
Sound production: Marc Solà
Choir: Orfeó Gracienc
Requiem music: Poire Vallbé

A heart-shaped sculpture made of different denomination coins accompained with music and sounds to pay homage to bid farewell to the Peseta, the previous currency in Spain before Euro, with this, the artist offers a journey from the birth of the coin to nowadays recalling diverse places. The peseta´s father was a catalan, Laureà Figuerola, and is another one, in this case the artist, who leads the ceremony of its departing.